Chemical industry

Make the Dutch chemical industry the safest in the world is the goal of the Sustainable Safety 2030 programme. The goal is being pursued by opting for chemicals with at most negligible risks for human health and the environment throughout the supply chain, and particularly through innovative processes and installations that prevent (new) risks and accidents. Safe-by-Design plays a major role in achieving this goal.

Safety Delta Netherlands
To become the world’s safest chemical industry, various parties are working together in a project called Safety Delta Netherlands. In this project Safe-by-Design is not confined to the safety of chemicals and products but extends to the safety of the production process or the installations. A great deal is already known about how these processes and installations can be designed in a safe or safer way, but further knowledge is needed in certain respects, such as even better detection, inspection and protection systems. Therefore, the Sustainable Safety 2030 programme includes development of a knowledge and innovation agenda in collaboration with the industry.

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