Collaboration is essential for the success of Safe-by-Design. There is a need for collaboration between researchers to give substance to the interdisciplinary nature of the required research and associated knowledge exchange. There is a need for collaboration between companies and supply chain partners to prevent risks all the way from development to reuse. There is a need for collaboration between authorities due to the different legal regimes, preconditions and responsibilities. And last but not least there is a need for collaboration between researchers, companies and authorities. Each party will cooperate according to its own expertise, interest and responsibility.

Collaboration between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and RIVM
The tasks of the ministry include assuring the safety of human health and the environment. The ministry would additionally like to explore ideas for Safe-by-Design and encourage and facilitate its application. RIVM supports and advises the ministry. Together, we are working on the further development and elaboration of Safe-by-Design, nationally and internationally.

Collaboration with educational and research institutions
The ministry and RIVM are acting in unison in collaborating with educational and research institutions. The ministry has agreed cooperation arrangements with Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University & Research, both for education and for research into the implementation of Safe-by-Design. RIVM provides educational activities at the Debye Institute (of Utrecht University) and at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, familiarising students with Safe-by-Design and enabling them to use it hands-on.

International cooperation
In various European research projects in which the ministry and RIVM are participating, we also collaborate internationally with parties who want to implement Safe-by-Design based on their own expertise. The parties include companies, research institutes, authorities and members of the OECD.