Companies play a crucial role in assuring a clean and safe living environment. After all, new products and processes are designed and developed for "the market" mostly by companies. That is why we want to explore with a few companies what they are already doing in terms of safety, how Safe-by-Design can assist them and how we can help them to design and produce safely and cleanly. Besides having environmental benefits, this also produces business gains for companies and it is good for a company’s image.

Opportunities for companies
Safe-by-Design opens up opportunities for companies that want to do business and innovate without causing harm to human health and the environment. The existing legal regimes and risk assessment methods are not adequate for some new developments and cannot be made sufficiently adequate quickly enough. This is where Safe-by-Design can provide a solution. It is also useful when a company wants greater insight into the safety of its product at the outset rather than after making big investments. Safe-by-Design allows producers to fulfil their social responsibility. It has ethical and economic benefits.

Benefits of Safe-by-Design for companies
Companies that take Safe-by-Design on board are among the frontrunners in sustainable and circular business. They are innovative and gain from the exchange of knowledge and experience - among themselves, in the supply chain and with the authorities. Early selection of substances, materials and processes that are safe for human health and for the environment reduces the likelihood of problems later on. This allows companies to avoid potential liability for damage and repair, with the considerable financial and other consequences that this can entail.

Joint development
Safe-by-Design requires a fresh approach, a cultural change and a different mindset on the part of companies. It is not up to the government alone to develop this approach further. For that reason, we want to explore with a few companies how Safe-by-Design can be beneficial for businesses. What should it include? What are the advantages? What kind of help do companies need? How do we get Safe-by-Design on their agenda? We also want companies to become acquainted with Safe-by-Design and to exchange their experiences with each other. How can we do that?

Come on board!
We are looking for frontrunners to cooperate with us and to move Safe-by-Design forwards, like leading companies that value technology and innovation and are pursuing or want to pursue Responsible Research and Innovation. They may include companies that are already using Safe-by-Design. Are you such a frontrunner, or want to find out how Safe-by-Design can help your company? Sign up now!

Goals and activities
The government wants Safe-by-Design to become the standard in due course for the development of new substances, materials, processes and products, so as to prevent future environmental risks. This will not occur automatically. Companies must know about it, want it and be able to put it into practice. It is therefore important to inform companies, to find out what companies experience as an incentive, and what companies need in order to get going with Safe-by-Design. That is why we want to talk to companies to hear their side of the story.