Safe-by-Design Course

Would you like to learn more about Safe-by-Design or do you teach this subject? The teaching materials on this page cover three themes that are relevant to Safe-by-Design. The first delves into the fundamental challenge of Safe-by-Design. The second theme is about reflecting on your role in the innovation system. The last theme compares and contrasts three types of safety hazards that each deserve special consideration in Safe-by-Design.

Each theme consists of an animated clip, a video lecture and a set of exercises. Watch the animated clips and lectures, complete the exercises, discuss them with fellow students, teachers or researchers and/or integrate them into a broader learning environment. All are widely applicable, so you can use them whichever way works best for you!


Education materials

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Theme 1: Explore the challenge behind Safe-by-Design





Theme 2: Explore your position within a system view on safety





Theme 3: Explore safety, uncertainty & design  





Information about the materials 

The animated clips give short but sweet explanations of what Safe-by-Design is and introduce some of the core challenges. You can use the animated clips in a variety of ways:

  1. As a brief introduction to the theme.
  2. As a launching pad for group discussion. Use the questions at the end of the clip to get you started.
  3. As input for a close-reading exercise. This involves detailed analysis of specific visual and explanatory elements from the clips to bring the underlying arguments into sharper focus.

The exercises are intended to explore the background, mentality and skills needed for the real-world application of Safe-by-Design. They have been designed to be completed in a group context, but most can also be completed independently. Each module closes with a series of linked exercises. If completed in order, they offer a way to think about possible future safety issues from the perspective of your particular field.

The video lectures give short overviews of key scientific concepts and theories in Safe-by-Design. These are brief introductions intended to provide a basis for further study – for example, to describe and elaborate aspects and underlying challenges of Safe-by-Design.

How to use these materials

These materials have been designed for both independent and group use and can be used in different ways. Choose the elements that are most relevant to or best match your situation. For example, you can use one or more animated clips as a launching pad for discussion during lectures, select a few exercises to complete together in a working group, or start with the video lectures to get a solid grasp of key concepts and theories. Any combination of these materials can be used to gain a broader perspective and better understanding of Safe-by-Design.

Introduction to Safe-by-Design

The materials can be used in addition to or as part of Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD courses or professional education on these topics. They are intended as an introduction to Safe-by-Design and a starting point for further study. To learn about the concepts and their application in more depth, we recommend integrating the materials into a broader course, study programme or proactive self-study.

Bridge between different focus areas

Safe-by-Design is a design strategy that bridges safety and technical design on the one hand with safety and socially responsible innovation on the other. This makes Safe-by-Design relevant to teaching and research in a range of focus areas, such as safety and technical materials and product design or challenges surrounding safety and the societal embedding of technologies.